Francis Ervine provides a wide range of building services, including design and materials sourcing.  Services are available for any enviroment, from residential to commercial and industrial.

We can also manage larger scale building projects that may require multiple contractors, and can liaise with suppliers to complete the process and maintain our own professionalism and high standards to the given task.

We specialise in providing contractual maintenance for all sectors.  From single buildings and residential contracts to retail outlets, shopping and leisure parks, to industrial environments - we can provide a bespoke contract for any application.

We can also carry out maintenance inspections for any building or site, so ou can have peace of mind knowing we will find any maintenance issues and recommend a course of action.


Francis Ervine have several decades of experience providing civil engineering solutions. We can enter at any phase of a project or manage entire projects from start to finish, and can complete large multi-phase tasks right down to the small tasks that many companies may not carry out.


We provide a comprehensive grounds maintenance service suitable for a range of applications. We can provide lawncare, hedge trimming, tree surgery, weed control and replanting. We can also provide other beautification services such as decorative paving and aggregates, installation of seating and shelters , fencing and painting.

Winter maintenance services are often overlooked yet carry a high level of importance for health and safety reasons. We can cover all of your requirements for gritting and snow clearance (small or large surface areas). We can also arrange salt bin installations and refills, and carry out survey and repair following winter ice damage to surfaces.

Francis Ervine are able to provide a wide range of external cleaning services. This includes high pressure (Jetwash) cleaning for most surfaces, cleaning of roof/wall/window surfaces, algae/lichen removal, graffiti and chewing gum removal, pedestrian or vehicle operated mechanical sweeping.